I grew up in the Irish midlands and currently live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working in the animation industry.
But this website is a repository for my extra curricular activity, primarily consisting of handmade animated GIFs and short films.
In 2014 I began experimenting with making hand drawn animated GIFs, and this quickly became an obsession. Over the years the GIFs have become far more complex, and some have become fully fledged short animated films. My GIFs have been featured in the Fantoche animation festival in Switzerland every year since 2017.
In the near future I hope to further explore short film making.
I am interested in the uncanny, the bizarre, and dreamlike subject matter.
Animation and Illustration by William Robin Conway
If you are interested in what you see here, please feel free to reach out to me - whether for project enquiries or just to build a connection with a fellow enthusiast!
Use the contact page or email info@otherplanes.art
Finally, you can also find many of my GIFs and stickers on Giphy here:
Search "otherplanes" in the Giphy sticker search!