Happy new Year 2024
What will happen? Who knows?!
Riderless Horses
The Spirits of lost horses run free through an eternal forest...
Bone River
A skeleton crew. A wrong turn deep in a subterranean labyrinth. Will they find their way? Or will they join their cohorts to settle on the dark river bed?
Halloween 2021 - Cat Coven
Drifting over woods deep and dark, a strange and otherworldly mewling can be heard. Shrill caterwauling as like cackles lilting through the night air...
The Moon Boys
The Moon Boys are out again tonight...
Living Fossil
Deep in the earth, buried below layers of history, a ghost from the Mesozoic stirs...
Crocodiles in Distress
Some quick GIFs I made to help me escape from a spate of creative block in March 2021.
Halloween 2020 - Dense Forest
You lose your way and wander deep into a dense forest, where you witness a ghostly exodus.
The Staircase
In a cavernous grotto somewhere in Hell, and overseen by the denizens of the underworld, Punished Souls eke out the rest of eternity
Night Sky
Myriad strange shapes travel across the night sky. Appearing and disappearing, they leave only mystery
The Dreamers
A deep dive into an alien abyss, aglow with phantom lights
Reptile City
In a far off town not entirely unlike our own, lizards go about their business in blissful routine
If you leave your washing out overnight, don't be surprised to find curious claw marks on it in the morning.
Night Life
A midnight stroll through an alleyway, somewhere in town...
Primordial Soup: Permian Plateau
A window has opened to the plains of the Permian period.
Halloween 2018
A Spectral Stream for Halloween... Happy Halloween from Other Planes
Primordial Soup: Silurian Sea
A window has opened to the shallows of the Silurian period.
After the last window goes dark and the town is asleep, the pterosaurs emerge.
This skeleton is trying so hard to keep his composure, but despite his best efforts, his poker face may not be all that convincing.
Unused Character & Location Design
Concept design for a short film project based in the undergrowth - which ultimately didn't get made
Happy Halloween from Other Planes 2017
Wishing you the happiest of Halloweens, from Other Planes
The Wind Up Party: Eyeball Rank and File
Myriad eyes blink in unison and march as one across a marbled floor.
Lonely alligators coming up for air. A brief experimental animated film.
The Alison Spittle Show
I did some artwork for my friend Alison's comedy podcast
Beware the Dripping Wax Figure
An oily residue and a faint odour of candles betray the presence of the dripping wax figure. Beware.
Other Planes GIF Workshop {Part V}
You are beckoned into a vortex where ghosts and abstract figures dance eternal.
The labyrinth of corridors extends further into the gloom. There’s nothing else for it but to keep walking. There’s no telling what strange beings we might find lurking deep within the bowels of the AQUARIUM.
Festive Greetings
Festive Greetings from Other Planes...
Here Lie Other Planes
To celebrate Halloween 2016 I created a set of spooky GIFs featuring creepy crawly coffins, hungry ghosts, irritable mummies and more!
The Wind Up Party (The illustrated wind ups)
For one week, my living room played host to a bizarre celebration of all things wind up including but not limited to chattering teeth, walking eyeballs, and monkey musicians. As best I could, I have documented the wind up party.
The Wind Up Party (The real wind ups)
It wasn’t easy, but I managed to film some of the wind ups in the wild. Prepare to witness the unbridled madness of the wind up party that unfolded in my living room for a whole week.
Other Planes GIF Workshop Part 4
More animated odds and ends from Other Planes
As we walk further into the AQUARIUM, what little light that comes from the entrance fades entirely. The damp smell of the sea hangs in the air. What ominous creatures will we meet in the second hall?
Join me as I take a stroll through the dank corridors of an unusual aquarium.
Blink and you'll miss it
At night time our bedrooms are teeming with horrors.
Horror in screentone (part 1)
While I was busy on a large animation project, I had to find a way to produce GIFs more quickly. These are all hand drawn in ink, but instead of painting them I used screentones to digitally add texture.
Other Planes GIF Workshop Part 3
Yet more glimpses into strange and unusual places...
Other Planes GIF Workshop Part 2
More curious goings on with the ghosts from other planes.
Other Planes GIF Workshop Part 1
This was my first foray into making animated GIFs in 2014. It was really exciting to me to bring my illustrations to life for the first time. We had squatters living in our apartment building and the strange noises we heard and the situations we were in because of that were a big source of inspiration for me. I liked to imagine what odd things could be going on in the halls outside our apartment...
White Noise
A series of quick improvised GIFs inspired by 90's cartoon surrealism.
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