The first specimen we see in the second hall of the AQUARIUM seems harmless enough, swimming impatiently from side to side as it endlessly patrols its domain.
As we approach this next exhibit, the AQUARIUM is intermittently lit up. The hapless fish unfortunate enough to share their lodgings with this creature are treated to a potent shock at regular intervals.
It’s feeding time at the AQUARIUM. The hand of an unseen staff member emerges from the shadows on the other side of the tank to feed the unnerving monstrosity that is the fish with human like teeth.
Moving past the row of fresh water specimens, deeper still into the AQUARIUM, it seems we have caught the interest of this ghostly creature. As its phantasmal form billows in the currents behind the glass, it gazes out at us with what looks like a face.
Here we have another of the AQUARIUM’s more unusual exhibits. Clamped shut most of the time, it periodically opens to feed.
This next specimen has the somewhat distasteful habit of puffing itself up to several times its normal size. It rapidly outgrew its tank but still it whiles away its time, inflating and deflating in the darkness of the AQUARIUM.
Our stroll through the AQUARIUM is nearing its end, and many of the exhibits seem to be studying us just as we are studying them. Perhaps none more so than this squid. Though its many arms flail constantly, its eye is fixed firmly on us.
Once again the AQUARIUM is illuminated by a sickly glow. A lure dances suggestively on the tapered tail end of a Gulper Eel as its pelican mouth snaps open and shut.
Our foray into the AQUARIUM has reached its end for now, but the gallery of murky silhouettes continues into the darkness...

Delving Deeper...

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