Welcome to the AQUARIUM. This first exhibit is a weird and bulbous headed creature whose cloudy eyes betray little of its inner ruminations.
This slack jawed aberration is the second exhibit. Regard it as it might regard you, through the limpet scarred glass of the AQUARIUM.
While many of the specimens in the AQUARIUM are content to eke out their existence placidly staring out into the world beyond, others are more violent.
This next exhibit is a muscular, snake like creature whose beady eyes show a little more bestial intelligence than most other specimens in the AQUARIUM.
Not all of the AQUARIUM’s specimens exhibit bilateral symmetry. These utterly alien beings chew away at the glass that separates their world from ours.
Sometimes, the worlds behind the panes in the AQUARIUM seem to stretch beyond the confines of the dimly lit building that contains them.
Even though this specimen has been in the AQUARIUM long enough for dust to cake over the surface of its tank, it appears to be surviving just fine in a plastic bag.
In the dark of the AQUARIUM, certain lights may lead you astray. It’s best to avoid them.
Although it was never really open, the AQUARIUM is now closed. Let’s visit again soon. 

Delving Deeper...

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