The next exhibit in the Aquarium is a disagreeable creature with the visage of a particularly lumpy stone and a cavernous mouth to match.
These strange yet elegant creatures form the next display in the Aquarium. They dance among their coral cohabitants, prehensile tails curling all the while.
This next exhibit is a creature that time forgot, a living relic that survives largely unchanged through millennia. Its continued existence shocked the world. It’s right at home then, among the many strange beings in the Aquarium.
The Aquarium is not only home to a succession of increasingly bizarre and menacing aquafauna, but also plays host to the likes of this flamboyant specimen. Well, I suppose it is still bizarre, crushing up food with its birdlike beak.
This elongated monster is a primitive freshwater dweller. Its lengthy mouth is lined with needle like teeth. It hangs, patiently awaiting prey, behind the glass in the Aquarium.
This specimen is unusual not only in its disk-like proportions and awkwardly protruding fins. Unique among its brethren in the Aquarium, the blood circulating around this rotund body is warm.
Dancing shadows are cast on the Aquarium walls as we approach the next exhibit. These foreboding specimens flock to the carcass of a recently deceased fish. Serpentine in appearance, they writhe effortlessly among the innards, tying themselves in knots to gain better purchase on that which makes their meal.

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