Afternoon in Reptile City
Lizards march to and fro on the rain slicked streets downtown.
Late evening in Reptile City.
Some lizards saunter home from work, carefree after a busy day. Others hurry along to social appointments. Who knows what the night has in store?
Twilight in Reptile City.
The commuters crowd onto bustling tram cars, ready to start the day. Or maybe they are disembarking at sunset, and heading home for the evening?
I had drawn up the plans for the GIF that would become Twilight in Reptile City last Summer, but only got around to starting work on it several weeks ago, and quickly got carried away! The three GIFs were made over about four weeks during the lock down period in early 2020.
I used pens, ink, watercolours, coloured pencils, and crayons. Everything was composited on the computer.
I very much hope that you enjoy your time in Reptile City!
William Robin Conway

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