The wind ups love to party. This one is bounding excitedly toward the wind up party.
This rather sassy robot is on his way to the wind up party.
The wind up party grows more intense as large chattering teeth pirouette around the gloomy dance floor.
This one seems happy, chatting away in some corner of the wind up party.
Here we have one of the foulest of all wind ups. With a tinny clatter his hideous atrophied ball hands beat an eternal drum, providing the skittering beat to which the other wind ups synchronise their chaotic ballet.
Lean in close and listen. Over the din of the wind up party you’ll struggle to hear what the chattering teeth want to whisper in your ear.
The chattering teeth never truly sleep. Even during rare downtime at the party they clack the night away.
The wind up party can be a sordid affair - here we see dozens of them running amok on the dance floor.
Here we see what looks like a macabre puppet show, the Chattering Teeth revelling in their moment in the spotlight.
In the dead of night, when other parties are winding down, the wind up party only continues. In the strobing light of the dancefloor, the teeth laugh maniacally.
Two pairs of chattering teeth, shouting at each other in an attempt to converse over the clattering racket of the wind up party.

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