The Moon Boys are out again tonight...
This GIF has been in the works for quite some time. For a while I couldn't get it to look how I imagined it and I was worried I had wasted my time. I think I managed to salvage it by making it black and white to evoke the vintage horror films it was largely inspired by. 
However the original seed of the idea for this GIF came from an 1858 illustration I stumbled upon by Maurice Sand. called "Les Lubins". These are not werewolves, they are something a little bit different. Apparently they loiter together in graveyards and speak their own strange and unsavoury language. They don't concern themselves too much with human affairs.
I've included the original colour version below as I feel it does have a charm of its own.
Created over the Summer months of 2021.
Hand drawn in pen, ink and watercolours, and composited on the computer.
William Robin Conway

Delving Deeper...

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